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Trading Apps Canada: How to Choose Trading Apps

Trading appsForex trading is an interesting endeavor. It is a good way to make money online. However, you need a lot of knowledge before you can trade Forex successfully. The Forex trading market is dynamic and you can only keep up to date if you get adequate knowledge. Aside from knowledge, you also need a good broker for Forex trading. A good broker will provide you with good trading apps that will make your trading interesting. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you a couple of features to consider when looking for the right trading app you can download for Forex trading.

Best Trading apps in Canada

Consider security

Best Trading apps

Make sure that the forex broker is secure before you start trading on the platform. If it is not secure, then you should not download that app. You should read reviews about the broker before downloading its app. A secure platform is a legit one.

An unsecured platform, on the other hand, indicates unreliability. So you should consider the security of the platform before registering there to trade Forex. If the broker is secure, then you can use the app with confidence.

Reregulation is important

Before you download Forex trading apps in Canada, first find out if the broker is regulated. The body saddled with the regulation in Canada is the Investment Information Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). You should not register with that broker if it is not regulated by the IIROC. If the broker is regulated, it gives assurance that nothing will go wrong with your account. So, make sure you only download an app from an outlet you can trust.

Consider customer service

One other important factor to consider when downloading a trading app is the quality of customer service. If the customer service is ok, then you can use the app with peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, the customer service agents can help to resolve it fast. Find out if it is easy to contact the customer care agents any time you need their help. Also, find out if you can connect with the customer care agents via the trading app. Do not forget to investigate the speed of response from the customer care agents. All these factors will help you to make the right decision about apps for trading Forex in Canada.

Speed of execution

One important thing to consider in forex trading is the speed of execution by the broker. Before you download trading apps, first find out if there is no lag in trade execution when using the app. Fast execution ensures that the broker opens your trade at the best possible price. This should not be a problem if the trading conditions are normal. Normal trading conditions have the following characteristic:

  • No surprise event
  • No sudden and important news release
  • Liquidity is normal

Your broker should have no reason not to execute your order immediately under normal circumstances. Be that as it may, some brokers delay trade execution. Do not download an app from that trader if it delays trade execution. If you are a scalper, you need a broker that executes trades very fast. This is because a few pips of delay can cost you a lot of money. So, always bear this in mind when looking for the right trading app for you.

Available trading platform

The trading platform offered by brokers differs from one person to another. Some provide both MT4 and MT5 platforms on their trading apps. Virtually all Forex brokers offer the MT4 trading app. However, not all brokers offer the MT5 trading app. If you prefer MT5 to MT4, then you should go for a broker offering this.

trading app platform

Additionally, find out about the trading platform is user-friendly. Some trading platforms are perfect for beginners. You need to find out if the one you are interested in is one such. You should steer clear of the trading app if the platform is not stable. Navigation should also be very easy on the trading platform. Some trading platforms offer news feeds for free. Check if the platform offers charting tools and technical tools. These tools will make trading to be very easy on the app. A good trading platform will provide all the information needed for trading.

Ease of deposit and withdrawal

Before you download trading apps from any of the brokers out there, find out if the broker offers very fast deposit and withdrawal processes. Check if the broker offers many deposit methods. This way, it will not be difficult for you to make a payment on the platform. Also, find out if the broker does not delay processing withdrawal. Before registering with a broker in Canada, check if that broker offers your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods. Some brokers insist that you withdraw your profit using the same method you used in making a deposit. This is to further improve security on such brokers and ensure that the trader does not lose his money.


The tips we gave above will help to guide you on how to choose the right one among the trading apps available to online traders in Canada. You will never get it wrong at all if you follow the tips above. Before you start trading on any platform, you should find out how old the platform is. Those trading platforms that have been around for long will rarely fail or disappoint you. You should also not trade on a platform that charges a lot of money as transaction fees. This will help to save your funds.