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How to start day trading with little money?

Day trading, the act of buying and selling stocks within the same trading day, can be an exciting way to make money in the stock market. However, it can also be a risky venture, especially if you do not have a lot of money to start with. But fear not, as it is possible to start day trading with little money if you follow the right steps. In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to start day trading with little money.

How to start day trading with little money?

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1. Educate Yourself

The first step in day trading is to educate yourself about the market. You need to understand how the stock market works, what stocks are, and how to read the charts. This knowledge will help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to trading.

There are numerous resources available online, such as Investopedia, which provides free educational content on the stock market, and YouTube channels like “Warrior Trading,” which teach day trading strategies. Take time to read, watch, and learn such resources before you begin trading.

2. Set Goals

Before embarking on any investment, it is essential to have a clear goal in mind. Setting realistic goals will help you stay focused and motivated. It will also help you plan your trades appropriately.

For example, your goal could be to earn a 10% return on investment within a month or to make $50 profit every day. Whatever your goal is, make sure it is achievable and time-bound.

3. Choose a Brokerage Firm

Choosing a brokerage firm is a crucial step in day trading. A brokerage firm is a financial institution that connects you to the stock market, and you need one to begin trading. When choosing a brokerage firm, there are a few things to consider.

First, consider the fees associated with the brokerage firm. Some brokerage firms charge high commissions, which can eat into your profits. Others offer free trades but charge for other services like research and data.

Second, consider the trading platform. Some brokerage firms offer a beginner-friendly trading platform, while others cater to more experienced traders. Choose a platform that suits your skill level and preferences.

Lastly, consider the reputation of the brokerage firm. You want to choose a brokerage firm that is trustworthy and has a good track record of providing quality services.

4. Start Small and Build Up

The beauty of day trading is that you can start small and build up your portfolio over time. Beginning with a small amount of money also reduces your risk if you incur losses.

Start by investing a small amount of capital, say $500, and gradually increase your portfolio as your profits grow. This approach can help you minimize risk and maximize profits in the long run.

5. Use a Demo Account

Most brokerage firms offer demo accounts, which simulate live trading without risking actual capital. This feature allows you to practice trading strategies and get a feel of how the market works before risking real money.

Using a demo account can help you fine-tune your strategies and gain confidence before you start trading with real money.

6. Choose a Trading Strategy

There are numerous day trading strategies to choose from, and it’s essential to find one that suits your style and goals.

One popular trading strategy is the “scalping” method, where the trader makes numerous small trades throughout the day to earn small profits consistently.

Another approach is the “trend following” strategy, where the trader analyzes the market trends and makes trades based on them.

Whichever strategy you choose, ensure that it aligns with your goals and risk tolerance level.

FAQs about day trading with little money

Is day trading a viable way to make money?

Day trading can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. However, it can also be risky and lead to losses if you do not have the right knowledge and plan.

How much money do I need to start day trading?

There is no set amount required to start day trading. However, it’s advisable to start with a small amount and gradually increase your portfolio as your profits grow.

What brokerage firm is best for day trading?

The best brokerage firm for day trading depends on your preferences and goals. Some tips to help you choose a brokerage firm are fees, trading platform, and reputation.

Can I day trade with little experience?

While it’s possible to day trade with little experience, it’s advisable to take time to educate yourself about the market and test trading strategies using a demo account before risking real money.


Day trading with little money is possible if you approach it with the right knowledge, goals, brokerage firm, and trading strategy. Take time to educate yourself, set goals, start small, and use a demo account before risking real money. Remember to choose a brokerage firm that aligns with your goals and values while minimizing risk and maximizing profits. Happy trading!

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